Reel to Reel Warehouse was founded to serve the growing community of Reel to Reel Tape Recording Enthusiasts and Archivists. As more people are discovering the joys of analog sound through rediscovering Vinyl Records, they are also rediscovering Reel to Reel.

Our Mission:

1) Provide a living database of all major tape brands and formulations made in history for users and archivists. Can the tapes be played? Can they be used today to make quality recordings? Are they in any danger of degradation? What steps need to be taken to make quality digital (or analog) transfers?

2) Provide a New Tape Classification System that encompasses all of the historical tape formulations to make it easier to compare tapes and choose the right tape for your deck.

3) Provide useful advice for beginners and a way for the user community to share their tape experiences so we can all learn from each other.

4) Introduce the community to the concept of Refurbished Reel to Reel Tapes and provide a means for enthusiasts to purchase refurbished tapes of their favorite brands, formulations, and lengths that have been deemed acceptable for daily use.

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