• Brand: Audiotape / Capitol
  • Type: Capitol 2 1272, 1862, 2432
  • Reel: 5" (13cm), 7" (18cm)
  • Lengths Available: 600' (180m), 900' (275m), 1200' (360m), 1800' (550m), 2400' (720m), 3600' (1100m)
  • Thickness: SP (1.5 mil), LP (1.0 mil), DP (0.5 -0.75 mil), TP (0.5 mil)
  • Tape Grade / Performance Level: 1-Standard
  • Base Material: Polyester
  • 2024 Advice:
  • Where Produced: USA
  • Mfg Years: Early 1970s, Late 1970s
  • Sale Condition: Refurbished - 90 day warranty
  • Description:

    When Audio Devices was purchased by Capitol records, the released updated formulations of Audiotape’s “High Performance” tape under the new brand and slightly changed the tape codes by adding “1” to them. These tapes trace their lineage from the famous Audiotapes used for professional recordings in the 1950s and 1960s and had a great reputation. All of these tapes were extremely well made and hold up well today. Notes:

    • This is a formula that has withstood the test of time. 
    • We highly recommend the 1272 (Mylar SP) 1862 (Mylar LP) and 2432 (Mylar DP) as excellent quality standard (type 1) tapes. These are excellent choices for your older machine. Compared with the older Audiotape versions, the tape appears a little shiner for better high frequency response. 
    • These tapes can be identified by their grayish-brown color that is a little darker than Ampex, Scotch or BASF tapes of this vintage.
    • Audiotape (and later Capitol) were famous for their “Easy C-Slot Reel” to make tape threading easier. 
    • Available Refurbished: Yes, you can buy refurbished reels of Capitol 2 1272, 1862 and 2432 in our store

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