• Brand: Sony
  • Type: ES (High Fidelity) Series
  • Reel: 5" (13cm), 7" (18cm)
  • Lengths Available: 900' (275m), 1200' (360m), 1800' (550m)
  • Thickness: LP (1.0 mil)
  • Tape Grade / Performance Level: 1-Standard
  • Base Material: Polyester
  • 2024 Advice:
  • Where Produced: Japan
  • Mfg Years: Early 1960s - Early 1970s
  • Sale Condition: Refurbished - 90 day warranty
  • Description:

    The Sony High Fidelity “ES” Series is an older tape that predates the PR-150 and SLH Series and we sold as high quality “Master Recording” tapes at the top of the line. They date from the late 1960s and were common in Japan. From a performance standpoint, they were high quality standard (type 1) tapes, and were very popular in Japan. They were not marketed as low noise tapes.

    • The ES Series was available in LP thickness in both large hub (1200 ft – 360 m) and small hub (1800 ft – 550 m) configurations.
    • These tapes had a dark gray oxide that was not polished, and was shipped with their high quality gray 2-window gray reels.
    • The formulation was often used for the expensive Japanese pre-recorded tape market that existed on the late 1060s to the early 1970s.
    • We have since upgraded our stance on these tapes and now recommend them without reservation as a decent budget tape for those using older Sony machines
    • Available Refurbished: These are are available refurbished in our store in both large hub and small hub versions.

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