• ORWO-AGFA-Bitterfeld-Bobby-1000m-Reel-Tape-Box-Typ-C-Back
  • ORWO-AGFA-Bitterfeld-Bobby-1000m-Reel-Tape-Box-Typ-C-Back
  • ORWO-AGFA-Bitterfeld-Bobby-1000m-Reel-Tape-Box-Typ-C
  • ORWO-AEG-Bobby-1000m-Reel-Tape-Typ-104-106-Open

AGFA / ORWO Type C AEG Bobby SP Reel Tape, 2 pack, 1000m, for Museums / Collectors


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These are early AFGA ORWO Type C pancakes on AEG style bobbies made in Wolfen, Germany, in the East where the first magnetic tapes were ever made. These tapes are acetate based and have early recordings made at 15 ips, probably full track mono.

Own a piece of magnetic tape history! I only have 12 lots of 2. Let me know if you want more for your collection! I imported them directly from Germany and purchased them from the original owner.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in