• Scotch-3100-7-in-Reel-Tape-Box
  • Scotch-3100-7-in-Reel-Tape-Box

Scotch Japan 3100-JMT Master Tape SP, 7″ Reel, 1200 ft


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This is a special, Japan-Only formulation, loosely shared with Sony’s PLN-370B and the Maxell PM-50B. These are all low noise, high output (type 3) mastering tapes used in the Japanese broadcasting industry. These three manufacturers made this tape to Japanese specification.  These are high quality tapes that do not suffer from sticky shed. The current understanding is that this tape for *first* made by 3M Sumitomo based on a 206/208 formulation. Later Sony picked up the manufacture of this tape and when Scotch and Sony shut down their reel to reel tape manufacturing operations Maxell produced this formulation into the 1990s.

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