• Magnax-X-1-10-in-4-Window-Tape-Reel
  • Magnax-X-1-10-in-Reel-Tape-Box
  • Magnax-X-1-10-in-4-Window-Tape-Reel
  • Ampex-499-Reel-Tape-Box

Magnax X-1 (Ampex / Quantegy 499), 1/4″ Width Tape, SP, 10″ Reel, 2500 ft, Baked & Ready for Use


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Magnax X-1 is a consumer brand Ampex used in Japan for their master tapes, with unique high-level packaging and 4-window metal reels. The X-1 was the 499 series. As you might know, the Ampex/Quantegy 499 tapes suffer form sticky shed, and can only be used after baking. These are late gen tapes that supposedly don’t have the problem, but we found it starting in these late Quantegy batches. We have baked these 1/4″ tapes and they are good to use for 12 months (at least) before baking is required again.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in