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Scotch 207 Mastering Reel Tape, LP, 7″ Reel, 1800 ft, Refurbished, Plastic Box


  • Type: 207
  • Reel Size: 7" (18cm)
  • Length: 1800' (550m)
  • Performance: 3-Low Noise / High Output
  • Packaging: Plastic
  • Condition: refurbished
  • Brand: Scotch-3m
  • Type:
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  • Thickness:
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    LP (1.0 mil)
  • Grade:
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    3-Low Noise / High Output
  • Base Material:
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  • 2020 Advice:
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    Good for Daily Use, Suitable for Master Recording, Suitable for Music Recording, Good for 7-1/2 ips and 15 ips
  • Where Produced:
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  • Mfg Years:
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    Early 1960s - Early 1970s
  • Sale Condition:
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    Refurbished - 90 day warranty
  • Description:

    Scotch 207 is a classic master tape formulation introduced in 1969 and was highly regarded in the early 1970s.  The 207 is the Long Play (LP) of the 206 version used for mastering. Many of the world’s most famous recordings from the early 1970s were made on Scotch 206 and many classic machines were calibrated to this tape. The 207 was mostly sold to home users as a high quality tape. This is one of the rare back-coated tapes that has held up well and can be used today.


    • Performance is high, especially at 7-1/2 and 15 ips.
    • There are some reports of edge oxide shedding with examples that have not been stored properly.
    • Unlike other back-coated tapes from the 1970s and 1980s, this one is not subject to sticky shed.
    • Tapes of this vintage have a tendency to shed slightly more oxide than the most modern tapes. This is not a sign that this tape is degrading, it should be considered normal.
    • The general quality of these tapes is very high.
    • There are some reports that batches suffer from sticky-shed, a condition we have not yet encountered.
    • Available Refurbished: Yes, we sell the 207 as refurbished.

90 Day No-Fuss Replacement Guarantee If you find a problem with the tapes or are not satisfied for any reason, we’ll send you a replacement tape.

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